It is with great sadness that we share the news of the loss of our friend and colleague, Gail Darrell. For nearly a decade, Gail has worked to protect communities across New England from corporate and government interests that sought to override the rights of ...


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CELDF In The News

The Inlander: Worker Bill of Rights will be on ballot as city declines to appeal judge's ruling
08/27/2015 - Spokane's Worker Bill of Rights heads to the November ballot. The City of Spokane decides not to appeal a judge's decision protecting the rights of Spokane residents to vote on their Worker Bill of Rights initiative. Mahoning elections board votes to keep Youngstown anti-fracking proposal off ballot
08/27/2015 - Despite residents obtaining the required number of signatures to place a Community Bill of Rights banning fracking on the November ballot in Youngstown, OH, the Mahoning County Board of Elections votes to block the measure. Advocates are determining next steps.
Press Release: Ohio Government Officials Again Deny Citizens the Right to Vote on Fracking
08/27/2015 - The Mahoning County, OH, Board of Election takes its cue from the Ohio Secretary of State and refuses to place Youngstown residents' charter amendment initiative banning fracking on the November ballot. Residents will challenge the decision.
The Spokesman-Review: Recognize workers’ rights
08/26/2015 - Spokane, WA, resident argues that for too long, large corporations have claimed corporate "rights" to avoid paying a family wage and equal pay for equal work, and to fire employees at will. The people's Worker Bill of Rights is about elevating worker rights over corporate rights, protecting the right to a family wage, and protecting from being fired for unjust cause.

From Our Blog

Meigs County Home Rule Committee:
08/19/2015 - Grounding their right to local self-government in the Ohio Constitution, Meigs County residents assert their right to create a community rights county charter to protect their health, safety, and welfare, from fracking related activities.
August Update: Chomsky, Hedges, Unions Endorse Worker Bill of Rights
08/12/2015 - Learn the latest news on Spokane, WA's, Worker Bill of Rights, read Community Rights Paper #5 on Citizens United, and join us for the launching of the Ohio Community Rights Workshop.
The Rights of Nature & Self-Governance – San Andres Archipelago, Colombia
07/20/2015 - The Raizal people of the Archipelago of San Andrés, Providencia, and Santa Catalina off the coast of Colombia, work with CELDF to recognize the Rights of Nature and to achieve their right to self-determination. CELDF travels to the Archipelago this month. Learn more here.