Residents of Lafayette, CO, file a first-of-its-kind class action lawsuit against the State, Governor John Hickenlooper, and the Colorado Oil and Gas Association, to protect the rights of the people of Lafayette to self-governance - including their right to ban fracking.


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CELDF In The News

Press Release: Grant Township Supervisors Vote to Defend Community Bill of Rights Banning Frack Wastewater Injection Wells
08/29/2014 - Grant Township, PA, Supervisors, backed by community members, take a stand to defend their Community Bill of Rights banning fracking wastewater injection wells. PGE Corporation recently filed a lawsuit claiming a corporate "right" to inject wastewater in the Township.
Yes! Magazine: Should Your Town Have the Right to Ban Fracking? These Laws Might Have to Change First
08/28/2014 - CELDF's Mari Margil celebrates the gains of collective action as the New York Court of Appeals' decision favored New York Towns zoning out fracking. She also reveals the shaky ground on which the decision was made - and urges further collective action through community rights to secure our right to collectively govern our own communities.
TribLive: Indiana County's Grant Township will fight wastewater disposal well
08/28/2014 - Grant Township Supervisors vote unanimously to defend the Township's Community Bill of Rights, which bans fracking wastewater injection wells as a violation of those rights. PGE Company is suing the Township, claiming it violates PGE's corporate "rights."
89.7 WKSU: Columbus groups are trying to pass a Bill of Rights to combat fracking
08/28/2014 - Columbus, OH, joins Kent, Youngstown, and Athens to advance Community Bills of Rights banning fracking and fracking waste as a violation of rights. Signature gathering begins September 10th.

From Our Blog

Network Coordinator to Advance the New Hampshire Community Rights Network
07/25/2014 - CELDF announces Michelle Sanborn as our new New Hampshire Community Rights Network Coordinator. Michelle led her hometown of Alexandria, NH, in adopting a Community Bill of Rights banning unsustainable energy development projects in March 2014.
Why the People of the Big Island Can’t Ban GMOs Without Challenging Corporate “Rights”
07/11/2014 - A simple ban on GMOs in Hawai'i County misses addressing our structure of law and governance that allows GMOs at all. To successfully stop them, ordinances are needed that challenge that structure and remove corporate claimed "rights" to plant GMOs against community wishes.
CELDF Statement on New York Fracking Decision
07/01/2014 - We congratulate the victory in the New York Court of Appeals for banning fracking. We also recognize the Court, rather than affirming communities' right to local self-governance, instead affirmed the state legislature may at any time remove those bans. Read more here.
Daily Kos: New Civil Rights Movement
06/15/2014 - A diary from occupystephanie draws parallels between Community Rights and other rights' movements, and describes CELDF's work with municipalities across the U.S. to leverage those rights to protect ourselves and the natural environment from corporate harms.