It is with great sadness that we share the news of the loss of our friend and colleague, Gail Darrell. For nearly a decade, Gail has worked to protect communities across New England from corporate and government interests that sought to override the rights of ...


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CELDF In The News

The Crescent-News: Dozens protest Husted speaking engagement in opposition to fracking decision
09/03/2015 - Determined to have their right to vote recognized, residents from across Ohio protest the Secretary of State's blocking of their community right county charter ballot measures. More than 9,000 signatures were gathered in three counties.
The Spokesman-Review: State Supreme Court to hear 2013 Envision Spokane case
09/03/2015 - Not wanting communities exercising authority in the places where they live, business and government interests appeal a Washington appellate court decision to the Washington Supreme Court. The appellate court had ordered Spokane's Community Bill of Rights on the ballot for a vote by the people.
Cleveland Scene: Medina County Citizens Protesting Jon Husted's Petition Review Process
09/02/2015 - Citizens from Medina, Fulton and Athens counties in Ohio are gathering in Columbus today to protest Secretary of State Jon Husted's ruling that those counties' citizens may not vote on their own county charter initiatives, despite meeting requirements to place those initiatives on the November ballot.
Stow Sentry: Backers of fracking-related ballot issues protest at Columbus event featuring Jon Husted
09/02/2015 - Residents from across Ohio protest outside a luncheon where Ohio Secretary of State Husted is speaking today. Mr. Husted is attempting to block Home Rule county charter initiatives in Athens, Medina, and Fulton Counties from being on the November ballot.

From Our Blog

Press Release: National Community Rights Network Endorses New Hampshire Town’s Community Bill of Rights Ordinance
08/31/2015 - The National Community Rights Network backs Barrington, NH's Community Bill of Rights Ordinance banning resource extraction as a violation of residents' rights to clean air, water, and scenic preservation. Residents are bringing the measure forward for a vote at Town Meeting in March 2016.
Meigs County Home Rule Committee:
08/19/2015 - Grounding their right to local self-government in the Ohio Constitution, Meigs County residents assert their right to create a community rights county charter to protect their health, safety, and welfare, from fracking related activities.
August Update: Chomsky, Hedges, Unions Endorse Worker Bill of Rights
08/12/2015 - Learn the latest news on Spokane, WA's, Worker Bill of Rights, read Community Rights Paper #5 on Citizens United, and join us for the launching of the Ohio Community Rights Workshop.
The Rights of Nature & Self-Governance – San Andres Archipelago, Colombia
07/20/2015 - The Raizal people of the Archipelago of San Andrés, Providencia, and Santa Catalina off the coast of Colombia, work with CELDF to recognize the Rights of Nature and to achieve their right to self-determination. CELDF travels to the Archipelago this month. Learn more here.