Organizing for Community Rights in Colorado

The Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund has been working with Colorado communities since 2008, exploring the options for advancing local self-government and stewardship of the natural environment. With the advent of fracking, we’ve seen an all-out corporate assault on municipal authority and the rights of people in the places where they live. We’ve also seen unprecedented interest in adopting Community Bills of Rights that ban hydraulic fracturing for oil and shale gas. Throughout the state, a deepened sense of danger is stirring, as law-makers and organized land pirates plot together to neutralize human governing authority over the priorities of artificial corporate “persons” whose business plans amount to the resource colonization of Counties, Towns and Cities throughout Colorado.

Using municipal police powers to protect the health, safety and welfare of their communities, and where available using home rule law-making authority, Coloradans are joining the growing movement for Community Rights by hosting Democracy Schools, becoming familiar with their state constitution and laws, and drafting local Bills of Rights that assert their right to municipal community self-government and their authority to subordinate the legal privileges of corporations to the unalienable rights of people and nature.

If you live in Colorado and want to join the Community Rights Movement, get in touch with us!