With communities across the state facing fracking, the Colorado Community Rights Network has proposed a CELDF-drafted statewide citizens' initiative that recognizes the right of communities to protect themselves from fracking and other threats.


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CELDF In The News

The Las Vegas Optic: Incumbent put in spotlight
04/10/2014 - Las Vegas, NM's anti-Community Rights Mayor Alfonso Ortiz plays politics by proposing and voting to adopt a non-binding resolution declaring a Community Bill of Rights banning fracking, adopted in 2012 by City Council, is null and void.
Unconventional Oil & Gas Center: DCP Midstream Exec Sounds Alarm On Colorado Ballot Threat
04/08/2014 - Community Rights organizing in Colorado gets the attention of the oil and gas industry. Corporate interests say Community Rights "would wreak havoc on plans" to rapidly develop fracking and its infrastructure in the state.
The Colorado Observer: Anti-Fracking Measure Moves Closer to Petition
04/07/2014 - The Colorado Community Rights state constitutional amendment moves a step closer to the November 4th ballot as the state title board rejects attempts by the extractive industry to have it thrown out.
NGI's Shale Daily: Youngstown’s Third Anti-Fracking Referendum a ‘Jobs Killer,’ City Officials Warn
04/03/2014 - Youngstown, OH, supporters of the Community Bill of Rights initiative banning fracking focus on educating the public for the May election, as industry proponents falsely claim the CBOR will lay waste to union jobs.

From Our Blog

Press Release: CELDF Announces Board of Advisors
04/02/2014 - CELDF today announced the launch of its Board of Advisors. The Board is comprised of well-known and visionary environmentalists, filmmakers, writers, entrepreneurs, and attorneys who have dedicated their lives to preserve Earth’s communities through environmental and social justice.
Statement of County Commissioner John Olivas, Chairman, Mora County, New Mexico Board of Commissioners
03/20/2014 - Mora County, NM, Commission Chairman John Olivas calls on communities across the U.S. to support the people of Mora County as they face corporate assaults to have their Community Bill of Rights Ordinance banning fracking overturned. Only through standing together, he says, can we recreate “we the people,” and begin to build the communities we envision.
Not The Item: Blog post - Democracy School at Susquehanna University
03/19/2014 - Democracy School in Selingsrove, PA, in February 2014, revealed for particpants the structure of law we live under that keeps us from getting what we want in our communities - and offered what we can do about it.
CELDF's February Update
02/24/2014 - Read about upcoming Town Meetings in New England, where residents will vote on their CELDF-drafted Community Bills of Rights ordinances; CELDF in Ecuador for Rights of Nature; and our upcoming Democracy Schools.