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TribLive: Grant Township in Indiana County to pursue home rule charter
by Kari AndrenTribLive
May 21st, 2015
With nearly 80% of Grant Township, PA, voters approving a Government Study Commission, residents are aiming to place a Home Rule Charter, giving citizens initiative and referenda powers, on the November ballot. The Township faces a fracking wastewater injection well, and last year adopted a Community Bill of Rights banning the disposal of wastewater within the Township.
Lancaster Online: Despite home rule defeat, Martic and Conestoga residents vow to continue fight against pipeline
by Ad CrableLancaster Online
May 20th, 2015
Martic and Conestoga Townships, in Pennsylvania, vow to continue their efforts to expand local decision-making and protect their communities from industrial gas pipelines.
Lancaster Online: What is track record of community-rights ordinances sought by some in Conestoga and Martic townships?
by Ad CrableLancaster Online
May 17th, 2015
Residents of Martic and Conestoga Townships, PA, drive a grassroots expansion of rights as they vote Tuesday to expand local democratic control through Home Rule. Both Townships are threatened with an industrial LNG pipeline.
The Indiana Gazette: Grant Township to get say on home rule
by Randy WellsThe Indiana Gazette
May 17th, 2015
Grant Township, PA, residents pursue home rule as a means to expand democratic decision-making in their community, and protect themselves further from harmful corporate activities, such as PGE's attempting to inject frack wastewater within the Township.
Lancaster Online: Home rule needed in Martic Township
by Malinda Harnish ClatterbuckLancanster Online
May 15th, 2015
Martic Township resident urges home rule in upcoming election due to the arrogant and disrespectful behavior of their elected Supervisors, who refuse to protect the community from a proposed pipeline project.
Lancaster Online: What we know about pipeline, home rule
by Jody WitekLancanster Online
May 15th, 2015
Conestoga resident reminds the community that detrimental financial impacts from a proposed pipeline far exceed possible financial harms from a home rule study initiative. Conestoga residents are considering home rule to protect themselves from the pipeline.
Lancaster Online: Republican Party no help against pipeline
by Debbie SwansonLancaster Online
May 15th, 2015
Lacking support from their elected Supervisors to protect them against a 42-inch pipeline project, Conestoga Township residents urge the community to support studying Home Rule in the upcoming elections.
Akron Beacon Journal: Portage County group kicks off community rights charter plan
by Bob DowningAkron Beacon Journal
May 14th, 2015
Portage County, OH, residents join the growing uprising of counties acting to protect themselves from fracking injection wells and LNG pipelines through advancing community rights county charter initiatives.
Lancaster Online: Week before home rule referendum vote, Martic supervisors send warning letters to residents
by Ad CrableLancaster Online
May 13th, 2015
Martic Township, PA, residents seek to study Home Rule as a means to protect themselves from LNG pipelines. Elections are next week. The latest opposition move from their elected Supervisors is sending warning letters to residents - at tax-payers' expense - implying they should not vote to consider Home Rule.
Lancaster Online: Anti-home rule campaign seems to be run from on high
by Leslie Blue BuntingLancaster Online
May 11th, 2015
Conestoga Township, PA, resident follows the money trail behind the anti-home rule campaigns taking place in three Pennsylvania Townships voting on studying home rule as a means to protect themselves against LNG pipelines slated for their Townships.
Denton Record-Chronicle: Thomas Linzey: Denton must stand up for its rights
by Thomas LinzeyDenton Record-Chronicle
May 8th, 2015
CELDF's Thomas Linzey appeals to Denton, TX, residents to challenge state preemption and the corporate claimed "right" to frack by adopting a Community Bill of Rights - joining communities across the country who have partnered with CELDF to assert their right to local self-government to protect the environment and public safety.
The Gazette: Drillers and State of Ohio file motion to dismiss oil-gas well class action lawsuit
by John BensonThe Gazette
May 7th, 2015
Oil and gas drillers follow the state of Ohio's lead in filing to dismiss a class action lawsuit filed by Broadview Heights residents to protect their community rights. The community prepares to argue to secure and defend their inalienable rights to local self-government over corporate claimed "rights" to frack and state claimed preemption.
The Athens Messenger: Meigs County group seeks charter form of government to ban injection wells
by Sara BrumfieldThe Athens Messenger
May 7th, 2015
Meigs and Athens Counties join forces to advance community rights through county charter initiatives, as they face frack wastewater injection wells threatening drinking water sources and local ecosystems.
WOUB Public Media: Bill of Rights, County Charter Launched in Meigs County
WOUB Public Media
May 7th, 2015
Meigs County, OH, launches their county charter initiative to advance community rights, as residents face frack wastewater injection wells and the importation of the waste by barge via the Ohio River at the Portland barge dock.
Lancaster Online: Home-rule supporters are concerned citizens
by Gene and Nancy BeckerLancaster Online
May 7th, 2015
In a letter-to-the-editor, Martic Township, PA, residents call for a study commission to consider Home Rule to empower residents to govern themselves. Martic Township - and other townships in Lancaster County - are facing a LNG pipeline cutting through their communities.
Corvallis Gazette-Times: M2-89 relies on 'community rights' to challenge Oregon statute
by Bennett Hall Corvallis Gazette-Times
May 5th, 2015
Benton County, OR, residents assert their inalienable right to local self-government - including their right to ban GMOs - through a Local Food Bill of Rights on the ballot this month. Controversy brews as claimed state preemption faces the people's inalienable rights.
Lancaster Online: What home rule supporters want
by Barry FinbergLancaster Online
May 4th, 2015
Advancing Home Rule in Martic Township, PA, says a resident in a letter-to-the-editor, is about communities empowering themselves in the face of unwanted industrialization, forced on them by corporations in partnership with government.
South County Spotlight: Lawsuit halting local activists' efforts violates First Amendment
by Greg WassonSouth County Spotlight
May 1st, 2015
An Oregon resident decries state and corporate representatives stifling the free speech rights of Columbia County residents circulating a Community Bill of Rights banning industrial oil shipments.
Lancaster Online: Arrest for making a statement at a public forum in Conestoga Twp.: Outrageous
by The LNP Editorial BoardLancaster Online
May 1st, 2015
The LNP editorial board in Lancaster County, PA, reprimands Conestoga Township, PA, Board of Supervisors for the arrest of a resident when she spoke out to clarify misinformation at a public meeting. Residents are threatened with LNG pipelines cutting through their community, and are pursuing community rights to protect themselves.
Lancaster Online: Conestoga Township resident arrested at microphone during home rule meeting
by Ad CrableLancaster Online
April 30th, 2015
Conestoga Township, PA, resident arrested at a public meeting because she made a statement about Home Rule. Township residents face a LNG pipeline and are using community rights through Home Rule to protect themselves - and face growing hostility from their Township Supervisors.
Lancaster Online: Scare tactics used against home rule
by Mark ClatterbuckLancaster Online
April 29th, 2015
Martic Township, PA, residents, facing LNG pipelines cutting through their community, advance community rights through Home Rule to protect themselves. In an effort to thwart their efforts, Township Supervisors insist only the Supervisors should make governing decisions - not the majority living in the community.
The Oregonian: Do plants have rights? GMO fight returns to Oregon with Benton County vote
by Molly HarbargerThe Oregonian
April 28th, 2015
Benton County, OR, residents advance a local Food Bill of Rights initiative to protect their local food system from GMOs in the Willamette Valley. The ballot measure will be voted on in May.
Earth Island Journal: Fighting Fossils, Letting Go of Regulatory Law
by Simon Davis-CohenEarth Island Journal
April 28th, 2015
Recognizing that environmental laws legalize harms, such as fracking and LNG pipelines, residents of Coos County, OR, are using community rights to elevate their rights to self-governance and to protect their health, safety, and welfare. CELDF can help communities
by Pamela
April 25th, 2015
In a letter-to-the-editor, New Hampshire resident and New Hampshire Community Rights Network member Pamela Martin recognizes CELDF's work to support communities in protecting their rights over corporate claimed "rights" and government interests.
The Corvallis Advocate: Local GMO Ban on May Ballot: Full Analysis
by Bethany Carlson, Rachel Sandstrom, Rob GoffinsThe Corvallis Advocate
April 24th, 2015
Finding no remedy in higher levels of government, residents of Benton County, OR, will vote in May on a Local Food Bill of Rights that would ban the use of GMOs as a violation of community rights to local, sustainable food systems.
Lancaster Online: Martic Township denies fire crew insurance info to home rule supporter
by Justin DoutrichLancaster Online
April 24th, 2015
As Martic Township, PA, residents pursue community rights through Home Rule to protect themselves from a LNG pipeline, they meet resistance from their own elected officials in gathering basic information for the public.
WOUB Public Media: Group Wants Charter Government For Athens County To Fight Fracking
by Sara BrumfieldWOUB Public Media
April 23rd, 2015
Residents of Athens County, OH, follow up on their successful campaign to ban fracking wastewater injection wells in Athens City, through a community rights campaign to protect people and the natural environment from that same wastewater through a county charter initiative.
The Gazette: Broadview Heights group awaiting judge's decision on oil-gas class action lawsuit
by John BensonThe Gazette
April 22nd, 2015
Broadview Heights, OH, residents stand behind their class action lawsuit to protect their right to local self-government and their health, safety, and welfare in the face of the threat of new fracking wells in their community.
The Athens News: Group pushes for county home rule, injection well ban
by David DeWittThe Athens News
April 22nd, 2015
Athens County, OH, residents launch their community rights county charter campaign to protect communities from fracking wastewater injection wells countywide, through citizen initiative powers.
The Post: Citizens group hopes charter will empower county to stop pipeline
by Glenn WojciakThe Post
April 21st, 2015
Medina County, OH, residents - finding no remedy in state government for the harms they face from proposed LNG pipelines - advance community rights through a citizens' initiative for a new county charter to protect themselves.
The Broadview Journal: Anti-drilling advocates address city council
by Jon HuffThe Broadview Journal
April 18th, 2015
Broadview Heights, OH, residents bring their message on community rights to the city council meeting, asserting their right to protect themselves from fracking harms. Residents refuse to accept a recent county court decision asserting corporate "rights" to frack come before community rights to say "NO" to fracking.
The Medina-Gazette: Proposed charter aims to address pipeline projects in Medina County
by Scott KlineThe Medina-Gazette
April 18th, 2015
Threatened with LNG pipelines, residents of Medina County, OH, advance a county charter bill of rights through ballot initiative - the first-in-the-state to do so. The county charter would secure community rights to local self-government and to a healthy environment.
In These Times: Firing Big Green: Are National Environmental Groups Really Serving the People?
by Thomas LinzeyIn These Times
April 16th, 2015
CELDF's Thomas Linzey looks at traditional environmental organizing, how it keeps us from getting what we want, and how growing numbers of communities are breaking from tradition to forge Community Rights organizing to protect their communities and nature.
The Bradford Era: Highland Township Supervisors meet with CELDF over injection well
by Chuck AbrahamThe Bradford Era
April 9th, 2015
Highland Township, PA, Supervisors meet with CELDF attorneys regarding a lawsuit filed by Seneca Resources to block the people's Community Bill of Rights banning frack wastewater injection wells. The Township not only has residents' support, but Elk County Commissioners as well. Mothers Against Drilling protests court decision outside Broadview Heights City Hall (photos)
by Mary
April 7th, 2015
Broadview Heights, OH, residents protest a recent county court ruling siding with fracking corporations against the people's Community Bill of Rights banning fracking, which was adopted overwhelmingly by residents in 2012.
Columbus Free Press: Fracking Columbus
by Carolyn HardingColumbus Free Press
April 2nd, 2015
Ohio is a hot spot for not only fracking but dumping of frack waste. Columbus residents organize to adopt a CELDF-drafted Community Bill of Rights banning fracking and related activities, asserting their inalienable right to clean air, water, and a healthy environment.
Lancaster Online: Williams Partners files formal proposal to build 35 miles of pipeline through Lancaster County
by Ad CrableLancaster Online
April 1st, 2015
As FERC receives a formal application for a permit to build a 42 inch diameter LNG pipeline, Lancaster County residents continue to advance Community Rights to protect their communities, local ecosystems, and rights to local self-governance.
StateImpact: Towns take on gas industry, at their own peril
by Marie CusickStateImpact
March 30th, 2015
Undeterred by critics, communities across the U.S. - including Conestoga Township, PA - pursue Community Rights to challenge laws elevating corporate claimed "rights" over community authority to make local governing decisions.
Lancaster Online: Judge throws out challenges to home rule referendum for Conestoga, Martic townships
by Ad CrableLancaster Online
March 30th, 2015
Martic and Conestoga Townships in Lancaster County, PA, move a step closer to advancing Community Rights to protect themselves from an LNG pipeline: a County Judge threw out challenges to each of the Townships' efforts to place Home Rule on the ballot in May.
Corvallis Gazette-Times: Ballot fight brewing over GMOs
by Bennett HallCorvallis Gazette-Times
March 27th, 2015
As Benton County, OR, residents, organic and sustainable farmers, and local food rights advocates advance their rights-based Local Food System Ordinance to the ballot, pro-GMO and business interests begin a propaganda campaign in an attempt to undermine the measure.
The Athens News: Courts not competent to rule on community bills of rights
by Dick McGinnThe Athens News
March 26th, 2015
Athens, OH, community rights advocate asserts the City's Community Bill of Rights banning fracking is about civil rights; as such, those rights cannot be overturned by any court. [CELDF note: The county judge in the referenced Broadview Heights, OH, case ignored the Civil Rights of residents because the City never used those rights in the defense of the ordinance.]
The Kane Republican: Seneca now seeks court injunction against Highland Twp.
by Ted LutzThe Kane Republican
March 25th, 2015
While Seneca Resources insists it has suffered "irreparable harm" from Highland Township, PA's, Community Bill of Rights banning fracking injection wells, residents assert they have an inalienable right to protect their water, and continue to back their Supervisors to exercise that right.
The Gazette: County judge rules against Broadview Hts. Bill of Rights ban on gas-oil well drilling
by John BensonThe Gazette
March 25th, 2015
Broadview Heights, OH, residents urge a defense of their Community Bill of Rights banning fracking based on rights, not zoning and Home Rule.
Lancaster Online: Anti-home-rule group from Conestoga Township loses candidates in court ruling
by Ad CrableLancaster Online
March 25th, 2015
As Conestoga Township, PA, residents advance community rights to protect themselves from LNG pipelines, opponents to their organizing try to undermine their Home Rule efforts. A Lancaster County Court judge ruled in favor of community rights supporters.
The Spokesman-Review: Envision Spokane initiative would add workers’ rights to city charter
by Nicholas DeshaisThe Spokesman-Review
March 25th, 2015
Envision Spokane - a community, rights-based organization in Spokane, WA - is advancing a Worker's Bill of Rights for the November 2015 ballot that would protect workers' rights to a living wage, equal pay for equal work regardless of gender or race, and other rights for workers.
The Register-Guard: Ruling sidetracked GMO petition
by Greg WassonThe Register-Guard
March 23rd, 2015
In a Guest Viewpoint, Oregon resident decries the power of a Lane County Clerk to refuse to certify a Community Bill of Rights protecting local and sustainable food systems to the ballot for a vote by County residents. Such action is a violation of federal constitutional rights.
The Athens News: LTE: In column, NEWS editor missed some points about fracking ban
by Mike RoweThe Athens News
March 23rd, 2015
Athens, OH, resident speaks to the City's Community Bill of Rights protecting residents from fracking and injection well contamination of water, and advocates for expanding those rights to Counties in southeast Ohio that are otherwise vulnerable to the industry's harms. The state and ODNR in no way are protecting communities, so residents must.
Press Enterprise: Study: Pipeline means 472 jobs
by Michael LesterPress Enterprise
March 23rd, 2015
While an industry-funded study of economic implications of a proposed pipeline in Columbia County, PA, promises jobs, CELDF points out industry bias, and recognizes much broader harms to communities' health and safety, the environment, and democratic harms when the people are deprived of their right to decide whether or not they want the pipeline.
Lancaster Online: Martic, Conestoga residents' anti-pipeline effort to install home rule government challenged in court
by Ad CrableLancanster Online
March 23rd, 2015
Residents of Conestoga and Martic Townships, in Lancaster County, PA, turn to Home Rule to advance Community Bills of Rights through a vote of the people. Local private interests are challenging this democratic move.
Inlander: Envision Spokane files new Worker Bill of Rights initiative
by Jake ThomasInlander
March 20th, 2015
Envision Spokane advances a CELDF-drafted Worker's Bill of Rights to protect workers' rights to a living wage, and three other key provisions.
Windsor Now: Community rights discussion takes root in Windsor
by Allison Dyer BluemelWindsor Now
March 19th, 2015
Residents of Windsor, CO, work to place a rights-based Charter Amendment on the ballot for a vote by the people, to secure and protect community rights, and ban fracking as a violation of those rights.
Cleveland Scene: Judge Overturns Broadview Heights Ban on Drilling
by Eric SandyCleveland Scene
March 17th, 2015
The Ohio Courts continue to elevate the corporate claimed "right" to frack over the people's right to say no to fracking. Some residents assert such Court decisions are illegitimate.
EcoWatch: Community Rights vs. Corporate Rights: Citizens Fight for Home Rule Against Fracking and Pipelines
by Anastasia PantsiosEcoWatch
March 17th, 2015
Community Rights emerge as a compelling and powerful means to assert inalienable rights to local self-governance, clean air and water, and the right to protect communities' health, safety and welfare, as the oil and gas industry tries to force fracking and related infrastructure into communities. Judge shoots down Broadview Heights ban on future oil and gas wells
by Bob
March 16th, 2015
The City of Broadview Heights missed an opportunity to defend the people's Community Bill of Rights banning fracking based on their rights. Instead, the City argued authority to regulate fracking under Home Rule - which has long been authority granted or taken away at the whim of the state legislature and the Courts.
The Athens News: What would you do?
by Conor MorrisThe Athens News
March 15th, 2015
Regardless of the recent County Court decision regarding Broadview Heights, OH's, Community Bill of Rights banning fracking, Athens residents and City Council members assert that, if necessary, they will enforce their Community Bill of Rights to protect residents from fracking and related activities.
OHCRN Statement: Broadview Heights, OH, County Court Decision Evokes Rallying Cry from Residents
March 15th, 2015
While a County Court elevates corporate claimed "rights" over community rights in Broadview Heights, OH, residents assert the decision is illegitimate, and determine to continue on.
Akron Beacon Journal: Judge strikes down Broadview Heights' community bill of rights
by Bob DowningAkron Beacon Journal
March 15th, 2015
While a Cuyahoga County judge overturns Broadview Heights, OH's, Community Bill of Rights banning fracking, residents continue in their class action law suit, asserting their right to local self-government.
Eugene Weekly: Amendment Would Put Local Rights In Local Hands
Eugene Weekly
March 13th, 2015
The Oregon Community Rights Network (ORCRN) launches a campaign to place a community rights constitutional amendment initiative on the ballot for November 2016.
The Bradford Era: Highland Twp. to amend bill of rights ordinance ahead of lawsuit
by Colin DeppenThe Bradford Era
March 12th, 2015
Highland Township, PA, Supervisors and residents stand fast to defend their Community Bill of Rights banning fracking wastewater injection wells, adopted in 2013, against a lawsuit by Seneca Resources. The Township is voting to amend their bill of rights to make clearer what it covers.
Fox 43 News: Anti-pipeline activists seek Home Rule in Conestoga
by Katie KyrosFox 43 News
March 12th, 2015
As pipelines plans continue to spread, Conestoga Township, PA, residents turn to Home Rule to advance community rights in order to protect themselves from this unwanted and harmful infrastructure project.
Lancaster Against Pipelines: Martic Residents Move to Enact Home Rule
Lancaster Against Pipelines
March 12th, 2015
Martic Township, PA, residents - facing a pipeline proposal - launch a Home Rule campaign to advance community rights to protect themselves from this harmful project.
The Gazette: Supreme Court ruling troublesome for Broadview Heights drilling case
by John BensonThe Gazette
March 11th, 2015
Broadview Heights, OH, residents use Munroe Falls decision to distinguish their Community Bill of Rights banning fracking, from Munroe Falls' efforts to regulate fracking.
Midwest Energy News: Ohio towns play wait-and-see in wake of drilling ruling
by Ellen M. Gilmer and Mike LeeMidwest Energy News
March 10th, 2015
In the wake of the Ohio Supreme Court ruling in the Munroe Falls case, communities such as Broadview Heights distinguish their rights-based fracking ban from Munroe Fall's restrictive zoning law: the former's Community Bill of Rights is based on their inalienable right to local self-governance.
New Hampshire Public Radio: Newfound Voters Again Weighing Wind Restrictions
by Sam Evans-BrownNew Hampshire Public Radio
March 9th, 2015
Threatened with industrial wind farms, communities in New Hampshire use Community Bills of Rights to ban the harmful practices. The Town of Alexandria votes this Tuesday at Town Meeting on a second rights-based ordinance to strengthen their ban on unsustainable energy practices.
Rural America In These Times: The Spirit of 1773 and the Right to Local Self-Government
by Thomas LinzeyRural America In These Times
March 9th, 2015
Local governments began declaring their independence from England several years before the writing of the Declaration of Independence – with communities recognizing the need to take action to drive larger change. Communities today are taking similar steps.
Portland Tribune: Energy ordinance proposal faces legal challenges
by Courtney VaughnPortand Tribune
March 6th, 2015
As growing numbers of communities advance Community Bills of Rights to protect themselves from harmful activities - such as Columbia County, OR, residents facing pipelines - efforts to quash those rights increase as well. Columbia residents file to intervene to protect their right to place a rights-based initiative on the ballot.
LancasterOnline: Conestoga Township resident challenges pipeline claims
by Kimberly KannLancasterOnline
March 4th, 2015
Conestoga Township, PA, resident reveals determination of Lancaster County residents to protect themselves from a proposed gas pipeline threatening communities' clean air, local economy, and rural culture.
The Broadview Journal: State files motion to dismiss MADION case
by Jon HuggThe Broadview Journal
March 4th, 2015
The state of Ohio attempts to dismiss a class action lawsuit by residents of Broadview Heights. Residents are standing together to enforce their Community Bill of Rights banning fracking, while the state argues they have no standing in their own community.
LancasterOnline: Home rule is the answer in Martic Township
by Emily Weinstock-CollinsLancasterOnline
March 3rd, 2015
Recognizing how corporations are violating communities' rights to make local governing decisions to protect themselves, Martic Township, PA, residents - threatened with a pipeline - leverage Home Rule to advance their community rights and protect themselves and the natural environment from harm.
The Kane Republican: Highland Supervisors: We're fighting the lawsuit
by Richie LeckerThe Kane Republican
March 3rd, 2015
Residents of Highland Township, PA, rally around Township Supervisors, supporting them in defending their Community Bill of Rights banning frack wastewater injection wells against Seneca Resources.
The Bradford Era: Highland Township plans to fight injection well lawsuit in federal court
by Colin DeppenThe Bradford Era
March 3rd, 2015
Highland Township, PA, residents urge their Supervisors to defend their community and fight Seneca Resources as the energy corporation files a federal lawsuit to overturn their Community Bill of Rights banning fracking injection wells. The ordinance was adopted by the township in 2013 to protect their water. Tiny Township Faces Injection Well Lawsuit
by  Alex
March 2nd, 2015
Highland Township, PA, residents and Supervisors determine they are protecting their water through their Community Bill of Rights banning fracking injection wells - regardless of any lawsuits.
Allegheny Defense Project: Rural PA Township in the Allegheny National Forest refuses to be bullied by Houston, Texas based oil and gas company Seneca Resources Corporation.
Allegheny Defense Project
March 2nd, 2015
Highland Township, PA, supervisors voted last night to defend the people's Community Bill of Rights banning frack wastewater injection wells. Seneca Resources Corporation claims it has a corporate "right" to inject wastewater in the township, and does not recognize the community's right to protect their clean water.
Cleveland Scene: Enter Utica: The Fracking Industry Really Loves Ohio; Here's What's on Tap for All of Us
by Eric Sandy and Sam AllardCleveland Scene
February 25th, 2015
As the oil and gas industry expands in Ohio - with full support from ODNR and state government - communities face into what it will take to stop Goliath. Group seeking ban on transport of fossil fuels through Columbia County
by Shari
February 24th, 2015
Columbia County, OR, residents advance a Community Bill of Rights to protect themselves from proposed large-scale transportation of fossil fuels as a violation of their rights to a healthy climate and to local, community self-governance.
InsideClimate News: Another Bid for Local Control Over Fracking Is Thwarted
by Zahra HirjiInsideClimate News
February 24th, 2015
Some Ohioans hold out hope that the recent Munroe Falls decision leaves room for leveraging regulation to try to keep fracking out of their neighborhoods. Others insist that regardless of the decision, communities have the right to make local governing decisions to protect their own health, safety, and welfare - including banning fracking as a violation of rights.
Letter-to-the-Editor: Ohio Supreme Court Ruling on Drilling Robs Rights from Communities
by Gwen B. FischerRecord-Courier
February 24th, 2015
In a letter-to-the-editor, Portage County resident decries the Ohio Supreme Court's decision in the Munroe Falls case, and invites residents to learn what they can do about it through Community Rights. Ohio Supreme Court gives oil and gas primacy over community rights in 4-3 ruling
by Steve
February 23rd, 2015
The right to local, community self-government cannot be stripped away by any branch of government, because it is an inalienable right of the people to protect their health, safety, and welfare - regardless of the recent Ohio Supreme Court ruling in the Munroe Falls case.
Record-Courier: Kent Charter Review Amendment Would Prevent Petition Initiative
by Conner HowardRecord-Courier
February 20th, 2015
In backlash against a proposed Community Bill of Rights initiative banning fracking in Kent, OH, the city's law director moves to block such initiatives if considered to be in conflict with state or federal law - in effect stripping residents of their right to self-government.
BlogTalkRadio: Soldiers for Peace International: CELDF and Local Democracy with Kai Huschke
February 18th, 2015
While corporations are granted growing numbers of "rights" by the courts, local communities are asserting community rights to local self-government, and to clean air, soil, and water - and banning corporate activities that violate those rights. Listen to Rick Staggenborg's interview with CELDF's Kai Huschke.
WKSU News: Fallout from the Ohio Supreme Court Munroe Falls ruling
by Karen KaslerWKSU 89.7
February 18th, 2015
Ohio residents adopting Community Bills of Rights banning fracking make a distinction from the Munroe Falls case: Their initiatives are based on their civil right to make local governing decisions - including whether or not fracking will occur - rather than accepting fracking and trying to regulate it better.
The Athens News: Officials and activists react to state high court ruling against local fracking laws
by David DeWittThe Athens News
February 18th, 2015
Athens, OH, residents assert that the Munroe Falls decision by the Ohio Supreme Court overturning the City's regulation of fracking does not impact Athens' Community Bill of Rights banning fracking. The latter is a law based on rights - not regulating.
Gongwer Report - Ohio: Split High Court Says State Law Trumps Local Oil And Gas Drilling Ordinance
Gongwer Report
February 17th, 2015
Amidst much dissent, a slim majority of Ohio Supreme Court justices decides to further strip Ohio communities of their rights to local self-government. Will the people of Ohio abide this usurpation? North Royalton, Broadview Heights, Gates Mills react to Ohio Supreme Court ruling in favor of oil and gas drillers
by Bob
February 17th, 2015
Communities speak out against the Ohio Supreme Court decision in the Munroe Falls case - including Broadview Heights and Gates Mills. Residents assert those who are directly impacted by fracking must be the ones to decide whether or not it is allowed in their communities.
The Athens News: Letter-to-the-Editor: Fracking waste injection wells an insult and an abomination
by Dick HoganThe Athens News
February 15th, 2015
Athens County, OH, resident sees rights to clean air, soil, and water - and the rights of future generations - at stake as communities of Southeast Ohio are threatened with the transportation and injection of fracking wastewater.
LancasterOnline: Gas pipelines make bad neighbors
by Mark ClatterbuckLancasterOnline
February 11th, 2015
Lancaster County, PA, resident debunks industry claims about the Atlantic Sunrise pipleline project, which threatens communities and local ecosystems for foreign exports and profits.
Foster's Daily Democrat: Barrington citizens add resource protection item to March ballot
by Melinda ShofnerFoster's Daily Democrat
February 8th, 2015
Barrington, NH, residents bring a Community Bill of Rights initiative to direct democracy at Town Meeting in March. The Barrington community is threatened by water, gravel, and mineral extraction, and is using Community Rights to protect themselves and local ecosystems.
LancasterOnline: 8 pipeline protesters plead guilty to trespassing, are fined $100 each
by Ad CrableLancasterOnline
February 5th, 2015
Lancaster County, PA, residents make clear their stand to protect their communities from a pipeline project, refusing to be intimidated by criminal charges and vowing to continue thwarting the Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline.
Sentinel-Tribune: Letter-to-the-Editor: County citizens need to stand up against pipelines
by Lisa KochheiserSentinel-Tribune
February 4th, 2015
Wood County, OH, resident Lisa Kochheiser calls out the corporate siting of pipelines as creating sacrifice zones, and urges county residents to use a Community Bill of Rights to protect themselves from harms posed by pipelines.
Oregon Public Broadcasting: Could A Community Bill Of Rights Keep Out A Gas Pipeline?
by Jes BurnsOregon Public Broadcasting
February 3rd, 2015
Douglas and Coos Counties in Oregon, facing LNG pipelines, are using Community Rights to protect themselves. Both counties are looking at Community Bill of Rights to legally recognize their right to local self-governance, and ban the pipelines.
The Spokesman-Review: Court orders initiative vote
by Nicholas DeshaisThe Spokesman-Review
January 30th, 2015
The Washington State Appellate Court ruled in favor of a Community Rights initiative that had been kept off the ballot by local corporate and government interests, finding that the right of initiative by the people is protected.
Huffington Post: 'Supreme Court Five' Unleash Government Of, By and For the Oligarchs
by Michele SwensonThe Huffington Post
January 28th, 2015
As the Supreme Court forces decisions on communities that benefit corporations and harm democracy, communities are working at the grassroots to adopt Community Bills of Rights that codify people's rights to local self-governance and sustainable communities - banning those corporate activities that violate those rights.
Truthout: ALEC Forces the Question: Will Labor Really Go Local?
by Simon Davis-CohenTruthout
January 25th, 2015
While ALEC and other pro-corporate entities attempt to decrease worker rights,CELDF partners in Colorado and Spokane, WA, begin working on Community Bills of Rights to protect workers' rights, building on the "floor" of rights established at the state and federal levels.
E&E Publishing: Speaking for the trees, lawyer pushes unconventional doctrine
by Ellen M. GilmerE&E Publishing
January 7th, 2015
While the oil & gas industry protests, CELDF & allies bring forward the Rights of Nature as the basis to give ecosystems legal standing to protect itself. The Little Mahoning Watershed in Grant Township, PA, filed to intervene in a case against Grant's Community Bill of Rights banning frack wastewater injection wells.
CELDF Statement: Lancaster County, PA, Community Members Halt Pipeline Drilling Activity
January 6th, 2015
While Conestoga & Martic Township residents urge their local electeds to adopt Community Bills of Rights banning pipelines, they take action through peaceful civil disobedience to stop pipeline test drilling taking place in their community.
Fox 43: Pipeline protest holds up natural gas drilling project in Conestoga Township
by Rebecca SolomonFox 43
January 5th, 2015
CELDF partner communities in Lancaster County, PA, declare a complete rejection of the Atlantic Sunrise pipeline project, and site protecting the land and rural culture as reasons behind their direct action to stop the project from cutting through their Townships.
StateImpact: 8 protestors arrested at pipeline testing site in Lancaster County
by Katie ColaneriStateImpact
January 5th, 2015
Lancaster County, PA, residents use peaceful civil disobedience to stop drilling at a proposed pipeline site. Residents are acting to protect their community and local ecosystem's rights to clean air, water, and soil.
The World: Citizens have a right to a guaranteed voice
by Patricia GouveiaThe World
December 29th, 2014
Coos County, OR, residents recognize that only they have the inalienable right to make the decisions about those things impacting their community. They are gathering signatures to place a Community Bill of Rights on the May ballot that secures that right, and bans LNG pipelines.
Truthout: Challenging Bedrock Law: "Dillon's Rule" in Detroit and Beyond
by Simon Davis-CohenTruthout
December 27th, 2014
As an entrenched legal doctrine stripping communities of their rights to local self-governance becomes more evident to growing numbers of communities, CELDF is partnering with many of those communities to challenge and change that doctrine.
Record-Courier: Outside money influenced Kent ballot issue
by Mike Sever and Conner HowardRecord-Courier
December 26th, 2014
Kent, OH, residents' Community Bill of Rights banning fracking lost by a slim margin in November. Today, they learn of large outside corporate spending to defeat their measure.

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